Divorce Attorney in San Antonio

For so many of us, family is the
most important thing in the world. When a dispute in the family
arises emotions are high, relations are strained, and tensions can be
at an all-time high. Some of the most stressful situations in a
person’s life occurs when there is a breakup, a dispute over the
children, or other family problems. If you find yourself in this
situation you need a knowledgeable, experienced, and candid attorney
to guide you through this difficult time.

it be an agreeable uncontested divorce or a full out custody battle,
we are here to protect our Clients’ rights. A divorce or custody
battle can not only strain a person’s emotions but also their
finances. Ray Lopez offers his family law clients affordable legal
rates to ensure that they are able to receive high quality
representation at a reasonable cost.

With years of experience Ray Lopez is able to navigate his Clients through the complex process of going to Court to resolve a family dispute. We understand how straining a family issue can be on all aspects or a person’s life. We keep this in mind and act with patience and understanding.

will listen to your wishes and concerns for your children. He will
inquire from you and your ex to get all the information needed to
best present the best possible case for you. He will gather all
pertinent documents, attempt to secure all necessary witnesses, and
investigate all of your concerns regarding your ex. He will advise
you regarding the effect specific incidents may have on your case. He
will counsel you on the effect social media may have on your case.
With any family law case involving children, we make every effort to
maximize our Client’s role in their children’s life.

will make sure that you are treating fairly when it comes to dividing
all the marital property and finances. Ray Lopez will fight to make
sure that you are not unfairly burdened with any marital debt, which
may have be accumulated.

Ray Lopez, a San Antonio native, is an experienced trial attorney who can connect with a jury and allow them to see your side of the story. For over 10 years, Ray Lopez prides himself in being an honest hardworking straight-shooting attorney. Our goal is to help our Clients reach a satisfactory resolution to their family problem. Call us 210-585-2233 today so we can get started fighting for you!

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