Child Support Lawyer in San Antonio

We get up every day and head out to the world attempting to provide for ourselves and our families. If you have a child support case you need a thorough attorney to ensure that the child support either being received or paid is a fair and just amount. While many have second thoughts about the costs of hiring an attorney to help them through their case, going through this process alone can prove more expensive in the long run.

Ray Lopez will do everything he can to make sure that his Client receives credit for what they have provided. He will work for your family to make sure the needs of the children are met. Many times when life has caused a person to fall behind on child support their liberty may be in jeopardy. If this occurs, Ray strives to protect his Client’s liberty and preserve their financial ability to provide for their family.

If you are not receiving a fair amount of child support from the other parent, we will fight to make sure you receive every dollar you are entitled to. Ray Lopez will gather important financial information and collect evidence for your case. Do not delay in starting the legal process to get every dollar your children are entitled to.

Ray Lopez, a San Antonio native, is an experienced trial attorney who can connect with a jury and allow them to see your side of the story. For over 10 years, Ray Lopez prides himself in being an honest hardworking straight-shooting attorney. Call us 210-585-2233 today so we can get started on fighting for you!

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