Sex Crime Attorney in San Antonio

When a person or their family makes an accusation that they have somehow been sexually violated the stakes are high. In San Antonio, the District Attorney’s office takes these cases very seriously. They will often push for the harshest punishments to be imposed. These cases are can be traumatic for everyone involved, including the accused.

Our goal is to reach the best possible result for our clients. Whether it be obtaining a dismissal, reaching an agreeable deal, or taking the case to trial, we will diligently fight for our clients. Having an experienced eye watching all available videotapes, photographs, and examining the police report can make the difference in your case. We will advise regarding the impact of the testimony an alleged victim may have on your case.

Whether we are taking your case to trial or minimizing the consequences for the incident, we will fight for you and your rights. Ray Lopez, a San Antonio native, is an experienced trial attorney who can connect with a jury and allow them to see your side of the story. For over 10 years, Ray Lopez prides himself in being an honest hardworking straight-shooting attorney. Call us today so we can get started on fighting for you!

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