Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio

The Law Office of Ray Lopez handles a wide variety of cases facing the citizens accused in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Often times a person’s circumstances can lead to criminal charges. When this happens it is important to have a dedicated lawyer who can empathize with your situation. Having a knowledgeable and reliable attorney will give you and your case the personal attention it deserves. Ray Lopez has an excellent track record of having his Client’s cases dismissed or obtaining a not guilty verdict at trial. We have the trial and courtroom experience needed to handle a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor cases.

The Law Office of Ray Lopez handles a wide range of cases including:

Ray Lopez, a San Antonio native, is an experienced trial attorney who can connect with a judge or jury and allow them to see your side of the story. For over 10 years, Ray Lopez prides himself in being an honest hardworking straight-shooting attorney. Don’t get lost in the criminal justice system. Your freedom and rights are our concern. Get the personal and dedicated representation you need. Contact the Law Office of Ray Lopez to fight for you.

Other Practice Areas: